Lightweight, simple and affordable tracking

Track your motorcycle, ATV, bicycle or other important possessions with a tiny, battery powered GPS tracker.

  • Dedicated SIM provides reporting anywhere with cell coverage
  • Long Battery Life
  • No installation required
  • Notification when device leaves a region set by you
  • Accessible anywhere on your phone, laptop or computer
  • Rechargeable with micro USB
With 2 years of service


That’s $0.27/day!
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How It Works


Scan the QR code


Activate your tracker and create a Halo Trak account


Configure your Halo, reporting time and noticiations


Attach tracker to the item you wish to track

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Things You Can TracK

  • Motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, bicycles and other recreational vehicles
  • Packages, parcels, luggage and palettes
  • Generators, snowblowers, lawnmowers, trailers and other valuable equipment

Halo Trak Comparison

Halo Mini Air Tag Other Mini GPS
Connectivity LTE-M, Wi-Fi
Bluetooth (2.4Ghz/ BLE 5.2)
Bluetooth (2.4Ghz/ BLE 5.2)
Included Service 2 Years N/A 3 Months
Location History 1 year None 1 year
GeoFence Yes None Yes
Ruggedized IP67 IP67 IP67
Battery Life X Days Up to 1 year X Days
Rechargable Yes, USB-C No Varies
Wiring Harness Included N/A Varies
Privacy Full Full Varies
Price $199.95 $39.00 $99.95
Motorcycle on a road

Help Center

Need assistance with your device?

Setting up your first device
Attaching your tracking device
My device is not reporting in
Using the Halo Trak App
Using a wiring harness


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